A Holistic Approach to Healthcare Design

Rosalie Vella

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Our team has been working on a new healthcare facility that aims to set new benchmarks in the sector. The goal was to create an environmentally sustainable space that puts patients’ needs first, from the very first moment they enter – as human health is innately linked to the health of the environment.

The industry is acknowledging that many clinics and hospitals don’t embrace a feeling of comfort of relaxation, which elevates stress levels in an already emotional time. The realisation, by creating an interior which focussed on wellbeing, with purpose and embracing comfort they could help patients in their healing journeys.


By creating a sustainable environment that focuses on customer wellbeing as well as helping the team of frontline workers operate more effectively.

The project aims at using resources more effectively to minimise negative impacts on the environment which will then benefit the health and wellbeing of current and future generations, by also encouraging medical practitioners to lead efforts towards more sustainable practices.

The client’s aim is to influence the way healthcare facilities are developed, utilizing a holistic approach to designing their operations. 



When considering the space, there are some design decisions that can help calm emotions and create a positive space – and therefore a better overall patient experience.

The space drew inspiration from nature whilst embracing an open-plan layout – a critical element in the overall aesthetic.

Green walls and pockets of greenery visible to patients further enhance the experience. Glimpses of the surrounding landscape are embraced, providing a connection to the world around them.

Smart design in the healthcare space, can speed up the healing process and improve patient and staff wellbeing.



The materials palette was very important in creating the overall look and feel of the facility. It needed to have warmth to create an inviting and soothing space as well as still maintaining some traditional and practical elements associated with hospital care.

As most of the inspiration came from nature, a lighter warm colour palette was used. This was achieved through the use of lighter stained timber finishes, warm tones within the carpet and vinyl flooring and accents of green to create moments of interest.

Materials were carefully selected keeping in mind their end-to-end use and the impact they will have environmentally within the facility.


Another key element within the space was the lighting. It is understood that lighting plays a large role in affecting the mood and general well-being of a patient.

While still maintaining practical lighting requirements we also wanted to create moments within the space that would influence the patients’ experience. This was achieved by using lighting to create focus points and create warmth within the space to enhance the materials pallet.

Through the whole development of the project, every element was carefully considered to make sure that patient wellbeing and their interaction within the space was at the forefront of the process. From the materials selected to the healthcare practices,  all have been designed to not only have an environmentally sustainable effect but to also allow patients to feel that they are receiving the care they deserve. We look forward to sharing the final results.


By Rosalie Vella
Interior Designer at Prospace Australia

Rosalie Vella has been an interior designer at Prospace design since 2015. She has experience in retail, hospitality, residential and commercial design. She is very passionate about creating spaces that engage with their audience, bringing client ideas to life. Rosalie loves exploring the creative potential of a project and experimenting with colour patterns and textures.