Benefits of Creating an Interactive Workspace + Employee Experience

Michael Donald

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There are so many benefits to creating an interactive and modern workspace. As market leading companies like Google, Lululemon, and Atlassian have all discovered, it is an investment worth making for your business.


In today’s society, where the customer or client are always paramount, it’s easy to forget about the businesses most important and essential asset…its people & employees.

Keeping staff energised, engaged & inspired in ones businesses values, goals and overall objective is tough! Providing a space that encourages all these factors has never been more important in this day and age of high competition. Everyone wants a piece of the proverbial pie.

There has been a monumental shift over the past 10 years, from what an office space looked like and represented. Businesses and employers are now creating fun, unconventional playground-like workspaces for a number of different reasons.

The basic thinking behind this is to create spaces where people are self-motivated, inspired creatively, care about mental and physical well-being and are enjoying the time spent at work.  We are seeing beautiful workspaces that offer catered meals, onsite dry cleaning, modern technology, breakout and relax rooms, hot desking & team-based work benches, onsite cafes, playgrounds for adults, office walking tracks, gyms and exercise studios…the list is endless and downright exciting.

It is in most instances where we all spend the majority of our waking lives, so why not make the most of it in all facets – work + play alike.


Leading brands from around the world are and have been for some time now, promoting this type of environment with feedback being overwhelmingly positive which can’t be ignored.

This can be seen in workplaces like Google and Atlassian Offices worldwide. Google being voted the 5th best place to work in the US in 2018 and employees at Google Sydney, Australia, describing their space as an Office Funpark which is to see why.

Lululemon, the popular yoga clothing-based company, was voted one of the top 10 places to work in the US in 2018. They have truly adopted this forward way of thinking. For example, their Vancouver office has tranquil breakout rooms and on-site yoga and meditation studios. They also provide a healthy snack bar where staff can access at any time as well as a café serving teas of all descriptions, which as a herbal tea drinker would be my go to. Unfortunately workout gear is not acceptable attire in all workplaces, but who doesn’t love free fuel during the work day!


Award winning, world-class Architects, designers and builders are all being engaged to create and deliver unique spaces.

Spaces that employers feel will propel their business to the next level as well as maintain longevity in their respective markets & loyalty of valued personnel. Utilising the latest technology and staying up to date with the latest trends is key to this concept being successful – making workspaces more convenient, more interactive and compelling places to be in, work in and socialise in. If employees never want to leave the space, staff will work longer and harder which = Success!

Gensler, the powerhouse design company, identified four key areas that need to be available for employees to be successful. These are work spaces to Focus, Collaborate, Learn, and Socialise – All generating amazing results on all fronts.


We are seeing workspace that reflect the culture they are positioned in and designed to respond to the ever-evolving environment. Centred around current trends but easily adapted and revised to stay up to date.

These spaces are now seen as a long-term investment where healthy, happy employees create more productively and of a higher quality – and at the same time having a better time doing it.

Everybody seems to be the winner!

Moving forward, I feel this will be the norm and essential to maintain ongoing successful businesses.

Creating & designing spaces where people feel valued and inspired has never been more important.

The workplace of old has evolved. Evolution is nothing but a reflection of our human desire to learn, create and better ourselves from all aspects. Interesting to think what the workplace of 2030 will look like…Contact Prospace Design to see how we can help evolve a forward-thinking workspace for you or your business.


By Michael Donald
Operation Manager at Prospace Australia

Michael Donald has worked in the industry for 10 years with a background in finance + business management as well as building and construction. Michael thrives in the outdoors and regularly takes part in Trail and Adventure races across Australia.