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There is a definite synergy that exists between particular creative businesses and true collaboration, when in full effect goes on to create amazing results. I want to share the how and why of one of our most successful partnerships – Cordony Designs + Prospace Design.

Late 2017 we had the opportunity to meet with LJ Hooker’s most successful agency and their principal John McManus. Covering the Willoughby and Artarmon region, selling residential real estate – it was recognised that their office needed to be much more than this – it needed to change the way people saw real estate sales and leasing, invite the team to spend more time at work and be proud of the brand they represent, whilst also setting a benchmark for the industry.

Cordony Designs help enhance and translate creative ideas into an organised service by taking the guesswork out of presentation and design. Our fresh insight and flawless results mean we offer contemporary design solutions from small to large projects.

Our skilled team is dedicated to realising the full potential of every interior and exterior.

We will help by:

• Attracting the appropriate Target market
• Cohesively assist in planning floorplans to suit real estate
• Maximising sales by ways of successful representation
• Setting benchmarks in design for the shift in the real estate’s prior models.

From evolving the look and feel of a brand, to creating a new space from scratch, our team align themselves with your brands’ strategy to allow the extraction of your brands DNA that enables us to translate this to the physical space. With a relentless focus on the customer and their experience, Prospace Design success is measured in the stories they tell about your space or environment.

Kahlia Cordony, Principal and Creative Director of Cordony Designs was one of the first people around this project that we met, having worked with John on the interiors and exteriors of properties for many years, both renovating and styling these properties suitable for the market.  (background in real estate)

Very quickly the Interior Designers from Prospace and Kahlia, in particular, understood how in working together on this project we could create an amazing interior – and this was achieved with mutual respect and understanding of our fields. Very simply Prospace focused on the interior architecture, its function, materiality and suitability for the successful operations of the space. Cordony not only worked through the interior FFE, Styling and in particular layering of artwork, but completed this whilst the space and joinery were being drawn – to speed up the process.

I forgot to mention we had a very tight turnaround on the lease commencement and the point at which we picked this project up.

The layout was initially defined, which remained largely unchanged through to completion. From here the materials in the space were selected to evoke a rich and textural journey, through spaces that emulated a lounge & formal dining room, entry and common areas as well as a kitchen and bathroom. The use of natural timbers, curved glazing, honed stone and luxurious wall coverings and veneers again was a palette that we arrived at relatively quickly and brought through all aspects of the project with minor evolution.

Kahlia’s experience not only working in real estate offices, but as a licensed estate agent – positioned her extremely well to understand the needs of the team – from adjacencies to it requirements, right the way down to storage of sign boards, flags and jackets to ensure the workspace remained immaculate at all times these were integrated into concealed storage in every corner of the space.

With an uncompromising approach, John’s trust in the team allowed both Prospace and Cordony Designs to execute along the lines of the original vision. With a focus on finding solutions, working with the project team we successfully integrated services and some unique site characteristics – ultimately providing a beautiful interior that acts as a landmark in the region.

The success Prospace has had in recent years working with Mirvac Residential on larger scale sales suites for multi-story projects, not only within strict confinement’s but also highly conceptual in larger spaces with multiple uses, as well as continued work in the agency space for LJ Hooker we complement our understanding of customer experience and journey through the buying process, with interior design, architecture and graphic design to provides a solid foundation to this partnership. When coupled with the residential interior experience of hundreds of properties a year, designed, renovated and styled by Cordony Designs there is no doubt that we have already come across your challenges, questions and problems before.

In Partnership Cordony Designs + Prospace are now positioned better than ever to provide an end to end service for your business – from Agency to Development Suite, Satellite Office to upgrades of your existing space.


We’re passionate about real estate. It’s a space that continually evolves, but when broken down is still one of the largest asset purchases a customer will make… which ultimately means that journey to get to that sale or purchase should be a well-curated experience, that delights. There are so many steps in the process, to a sale or purchase, that making the surroundings as comfortable and welcoming as possible not only provide a sense of calm for your customers, but create lasting relationships.


Both Cordony and Prospace are Sydney based and share workspace through the project at critical times. This is often for weeks on end and in some cases quick check-ins. Working with clients nationally and internationally we over-communicate, leaving no stone unturned – if we see it, we say something. Having a plan A and B is important to us, to ensure that we deliver projects that are detailed in their delivery and simplified as an experience for our clients.

Prospace Projects was established to ensure the original design vision was realised through to completion and as part of our service takes our Real Estate projects from documentation through to handover. As a boutique client side project management firm, we specialise in the delivery of interior spaces, in particular branded spaces – with retail clients like Alice McCall, Aje, Alexander McQueen, Under Armour – we love to deliver detail, whilst also understand the operational requirements of a business.


The next steps would be to talk to us. We’re more than happy to talk about your next project, how we might be able to help and how we can make your business even more successful!

Contact Prospace Design or Cordony Designs.

Kahlia Cordony & Daniel Eagles

Kahlia Cordony 

My story started in the Real Estate industry. I began at a reception desk, but was soon managing property before taking a roles within the Sales department. I completed my Real Estate Licence, and by that stage, which was five years later, I had developed a real passion and skill for improving homes. I’ve always been fascinated by home improvement and decided to make it my expertise. Today it’s a craft of mine, and you can see the love of my labour. From here, I can’t see myself doing anything else. Interior design and decoration is an art, and I believe anyone can enjoy and benefit from it. I now have a group of design specialists I get to call my team, we collaborate with other design specialists like Prospace and trades who are aligned with our work ethic & vision to create incredible spaces like the one at LJ Hooker & our other projects.

Dan Eagles

Dan has over 20 years experience articulating brands within a physical space. With expertise across design and development, marketing, visual merchandising and retail operations, Dan’s client side experience is a unique and valuable asset to our clients. Dan is an innovation specialist with an innate understanding of the design process, project management practices, procurement and construction. Dan’s focus is ensuring that we deliver unparalleled experiences in every field of design.