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Castle Towers



Designing a kiosk requires a unique skill set. There is as much work that goes into the detail of a kiosk than there is in an in-line store.

Taking the next step into designing the kiosk from scratch that needs to service the large number of customers that will pass by and utilise their kiosk, a lot of time was spent with client to ensure the operation and flow of the kiosk was correct, especially considering this kiosk had a 360 degree service element.

Our brief was to create a luxury patisserie that showcases the Dolcettini product that has such a loyal following in the hills district.

The concept was to allow the kiosk to take the form of a “layer cake” – with a sponge base made from concrete half rounds, a glazed top made from the polished concrete top and shiny cake toppers made by the brass poles – the kiosk will not only had to look appealing to customers, but had to stand out in a brand new Food Hall Development at Castle Towers, so an illuminated halo above gave the kiosk presence from a distance.


Aje – Newmarket


Hallenstein Brothers – Chermside