Kathmandu – Store Concept Design

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Working with the brand team, Prospace Design took the various formats that Kathmandu delivers their stores under and evolved all areas of the design. From materials to category features, story-telling to touch points for the customer.


Critical to this process was a fixture suite that could work across all stores, with enough variety and flexibility to cater to the rapidly growing and evolving product range, whilst identifying as unique within the Kathmandu store experience. The result was inspired by the yoke detail on most product in the range, delivered in a two tone finish – which was a critical design decision to minimise the shipping volume, further increasing the sustainability of the fit out.

A warmer finish to the store in general with refined timber finishes, mixed with raw and powdercoated steel was developed into a palette to flex across all sites large and small. Coupled with a unique open slatted shopfront, which brings the Kathmandu Green in as an illuminated divide between density of slats, provides transparency into the store and a sense of openness.


Careful consideration was given to each product category, in particular footwear – where we structured the range to be clear and concise, resulting in a design that can be applied to all stores in the group.


Overall, the design has now been tested in large and small format stores and provides the team with the flex they need to bring consistency to the group and continue to evolve.


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