Customisation – It’s a Retail Thing!


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Over the last couple of years, Prospace Design Studio’s have been working with all of our clients to push the boundaries of what is possible to deliver on the retail floor – that will elevate the customer experience and place new products or experiences in their hands.

One client in particular that is dominating in this space is Timbuk 2 based out of San Fransisco. Timbuk 2 is a brand focussed on delivering bags – bags for people who ride bikes and need to carry things. Everyone has different needs, likes and requirements – and in this, Factory 2 was born. This is where, in store (or online) a customer can customise their own bag – down to trims, colors and materials – based off a growing number of silhouettes.

As a business model, customisation provides huge upside by knowing exactly what needs to be made without forecasting and holding stock. What this does present is logistical challenges – in particular when your focus is Urban Manufacturing, as in the case with Timbuk 2. With bags made by hand in San Fransisco since 1989, its a finely oiled machine that essentially delivers next day to the East Coast (and only days later internationally!!).


With that in mind, the business has focussed on delivering the same experience online as in store. The steps taken to get through the customisation process mirror the in-store experience – the only difference is touching and feeling the product swatches and bag models.

As the business continues to grow – there is an even stronger focus to integrate the Factory 2 concept into the retail format. The next few weeks see Prospace Design Studio’s embark on a project that will integrate Retail, F+B, Manufacturing, Tech and so much more!

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