Welcome to “SLOW HOUSE”​ Bondi Beach

Dan Eagles

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Inspired by resorts, bathhouses and traditional spa’s globally, our clients were convinced that the market in Australia was limited to high-end hotels with integrated spa’s or sports clubs that offered sauna and ice bath treatments – there were limited luxurious, convenient, and private spaces on offer, in particular in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Combined with the mantras of slow living – a lifestyle choice devoted to living in a more balanced, meaningful, and life-affirming way, making conscious everyday decisions to help decelerate modern life.

Located at Bondi Beach, nestled quietly in between gyms and galleries, cafes and restaurants – Slow House Bondi is now a second home to so many local customers.

The house welcomes you in with a spacious foyer, waiting area and reception where salt scrubs, tea, and probiotic drinks are available to extract maximum benefits from your treatment.

With a striking hallway running the length of the building, sweeping curves welcome you and guide you to your treatment suite. Expansive use of rendered finishes and travertine flooring brings texture to the space without overwhelming you, really allowing you to relax into your time with Slow House. There is no doubt that we all want to live in this minimal way, so creating that sense of home has been really important through this process, so much so that many customers have standing bookings as if this was another living room for them.

Offering Infra Red and Traditional Sauna Treatments, one of the key features of Slow House are the luxurious iCool Ice Baths, in their own dedicated space – allowing for Fire and Ice treatments. Chilled to under 7 degrees, courses in breathwork and recovery are offered as a package with Sauna’s or on their own.

Accessible to everyone, across the various suites we have designed accessible rooms with wheel in Sauna’s, which also double as Bikram Yoga spaces. The Clear Light Sauna includes entertainment systems and with the customisable lighting in your suite, there is no question that you can create an atmosphere that is perfect for you. Your own shower in your suite means that you can arrive and depart in a way that suits you.

Slow House offers a laid back space with an indulgent edge, providing alternative healing holistic therapies for those who seek both spiritual and physical harmony.

When next in Sydney, book a session. We can guarantee you will thank yourself and want to come back time and time again.

Design by Prospace Design, Lighting by Light Project, Construction by Sutton Built.
Contact Prospace Design for further details www.prospacedesign.com.au

Slow House Bondi Beach, 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach 2026. Ph 0431387391
Monday – Friday 7am – 9pm / Saturday 8am – 5pm / Sunday 10am – 7pm.


By Dan Eagles
Director at Prospace Australia

Dan has over 20 years experience articulating brands within a physical space. With expertise across design and development, marketing, visual merchandising and retail operations, Dan’s client side experience is a unique and valuable asset to our clients.

Dan is an innovation specialist with an innate understanding of the design process, project management practices and construction. Dan’s focus is ensuring that we deliver unparalleled experiences in every field of design.